When are you reopening?

Thursday 20th May. Please view the terms and conditions when making a reservation.

I have a dietary preference, intolerance or allergy, Can you accommodate me?

Yes! Please let us know at the time you are making a reservation (pop a note on while booking or reply to the confirmation email), and we will ensure the person looking after your table is fully briefed and able to guide you through the menu and the kitchen, if necessary can prepare additional options to ensure there is enough available for you!


What co-vid specific alterations have been made?

We have reduced our overall capacity by 45%, giving ample space between tables.

In line with procedures adopted almost universally now, we of course have sanitiser at our entry point, have organised frequent cleaning and sanitising schedules for shared areas, and ask that you enter via the rear car park door, and leave via the front door.

We will offer full table service throughout- both indoors and out. Some of the team will wear face visors, particularly those that will need to approach your tables from time to time.


What changes have been made to your offering?

Given that we have such a reduction in capacity, we are no longer serving two menus. We are now serving an a-la-carte menu, with dishes best shared, that provides the best of both worlds of our former two menus.


I have a gift voucher that I purchased to use for the set menu. What should I do?

We are aiming to offer the fullest flexibility in this situation. You can, of course, use the voucher for our new menu. If you would like to use your voucher across more than one visit, you are welcome to. You can also choose to have a refund if you feel strongly about not wanting to use the voucher for anything other than a set menu.

We of course, don’t like to let anyone down, but we have had no choice but to make the decision given the guidelines that we must now operate within.  


Can I buy a gift voucher?

Of course! Please give us a call 01422 832 103 Wednesday- Sunday and we will pop it in the post the same day. Vouchers cannot currently be purchased online, or provided by email to print out at home. All gift vouchers can be used flexibly on food or drinks. 

Do you allow dogs?

We do allow well-behaved dogs, although please let us know at the time of making a reservation if you are bringing one along, so that we may allocate an appropriate table. If you have an allergy or would like to specifically sit away from dogs, please also state this at the time of making a reservation.


Do you allow children?

We do. We don’t have a separate children’s menu, but we will advise what we can serve suits at the time of your visit, as we appreciate that all kids are different!


Is there a beer garden?

Yes- that you are welcome to use at any time, for food or drinks. Due to weather unpredictability we are unable to take reservations for outdoor tables, but it’s a large area with plenty of seating. You can always give us a call to check how busy it is before you make the journey up!


Is there parking on-site?

Yes- loads of it!


Can I use the car park to stay in my motor home/ campervan, if I am dining with you?

Yes- absolutely. Although please let us know in advance that you will be doing so.