Our wine list is based on natural wines from around Europe and beyond. Chosen for their purity, freshness, balance and occasional quirkiness- a selection that is always growing and changing. We're always happy to help to navigate it, either to find something familiar or try something new.

It's an ever-expanding list, with some classic regions and grape varieties, and some lesser known also represented. They all have in common; being hand made by small producers, farmed organically or biodynamically, receive minimal intervention in the vineyard and have few or no added preservatives. 

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Our selection is across cans, bottles, kegs and cask, focusing on craft beers from the UK and Belgium.


We're big fans of our amazing, relatively local breweries- Northern Monk, Cloudwater, Vocation, Pomona Island, Anthology, Wander Beyond, North Brewing Co. and Magic Rock... 

However, we have recently started to get beers from a little further afield, recent kegs have been from Wylam, Verdant, Little Earth Project, The Kernel and others!

And then the Belgians... A bottled selection from the following breweries and mostly one Belgian beer on tap!


Belgian bottles include beers from Westmalle, St. Bernardus, Dupont, Orval, De Ranke, Rodenbach (all of them!), Oud Beersel, Drie Fonteinen, Hanssens, Cantillon and Westvleteren amongst others.