Alisdair Brooke-Taylor

Is an Australian/British chef (hailing originally from Sheffield). He has worked for some of the world's most accoladed chefs - most recently as sous-chef at Belgium's Michelin-starred In De Wulf. For the last 4 years he has been firmly based in the middle of nowhere- embracing all that regional restaurants have to offer, enjoying provenance of ingredients, ageing and preserving produce, cooking over charcoal, foraging and utilising a knowledge of wild edible plants and mushrooms.

Alisdair also makes all of the ceramics for the restaurant and bar, making glazes from the ash from our charcoal.

Aimee Turford

Aimee is originally from the West Midlands, but working in hospitality as a restaurant manager and sommelier has allowed her to spend time in London, Australia and most recently Belgium. She and Alisdair have worked alongside each other for several years in regional restaurants, becoming enamoured with all rural life has to offer.

Aimee has also spent time on 8 farms in various locations, from Europe to New Zealand- gaining valuable knowledge about permaculture, a wide variety of plants and animal rearing.