Each day from Tuesday-Sunday, sourdough loaves, baguettes and a small selection of baked goods will be available to take home. Our breads are made from locally milled organic flour, baked in wood-fired ovens and sold at reasonable prices. You can also pick up great accompaniments, such as house-made cultured butter and our wild-fruit conserves. 

Bread is sold on a first come first served basis, due to there being a limited number available each day, no reservations are taken. It will be available from 3pm Tuesday-Friday, and from 12pm Saturday and Sundays.

We may take larger, personalised orders, please contact us to discuss.


Don't feel like eating out? Stop by on the way home from work for a great bottle to enjoy on the sofa

We have a special retail wine list with a focus on really high quality at accessible prices, featuring niche wines from small producers. 

Alternatively you can choose any bottled beer or wine from our bar list and take it home with a 25% discount. 

For local residents, please take a look at our Wine Club page, which offers great discounts on our retail Wines of the Week as well as a chance to explore different grape varieties and regions over the course of a number of weeks. No membership fees and no obligation to purchase at any time